The Department of Law held a training course

The Department of Law in College of Law and International Relations conducted a Training entitled ‘Develop Personal Talents to Enhance Status and Professional Innovation’ from the 20th October 2022 to 1st December 2022, the training continued for six weeks. Each week the trainers focused on a different aspect of the topic for teachers and academic staff. The training course has been moderated by Lect. Hawar Muhammad Yousif

Trainers explained the followings:

1/ Lect. Suren Akram: The Art of Speech

Lecturer Suren Akram presented the first session of the training. He explained the art of speech and how someone can become a successful speaker, he further clarified the skills that a presenter should have in order to communicate well and be able to be effective.

2/Lect. Badr Muhammad-Taher: Individual Rights

In the second session, the presenter elaborated the term of the individual rights, and asked audience some questions like, what is your right? How to use/have them? Do we need more individual rights in our life? In the course of this session, he explained what are the individual rights that we have, what to do and what is the right thing to do based on the Iraqi Law.

3/ Shiraz Ibrahim: Understanding the Different Methods of Delivering Presentations

In this session, the presenter mentioned the different methods of delivering and presenting presentations and all kind of events. She focused more on effective ways of how to make an impact on the audience, besides how to engage them. Then to make it more beneficial the session was held practically.

4/ Lect. Kareem Kawa: The Art of Leadership

In this session, leadership and characteristics of leadership has been clarified. In addition, the presenter practically explained how a successful leader should be. He highlighted awareness as one of the most important characteristics of a leader.

5/ Dr. Kamaran Hassan: Futurology and its importance in today’s world

The presenter of this session presented the idea of future and futurism; he explained the importance of plan and strategy. The presenter highlighted the topic by asking the question of, how can we have a better future by making a plan for what we want to achieve.

6/ Suren Akram: Soft power

Finally, in the last session of the training Mr. Suren discussed the importance of the soft power, countries do not use hard power such as weapons to achieve their interests, but they choose soft power in order to achieve what is in their interest.