An International workshop “Breast cancer awareness”

On Sunday 30/10/2022, the Department of Health and Hospitals Administration conducted an international workshop entitled (Breast cancer awareness) on International Breast Cancer Day.
The workshop was run by the assistant lecturer and head of the Department of Health and Hospitals Administration Shirin Jamal, as well as, Dr. Shelan Gader Reshed a specialist in diagnostic radiology and breast cancer diagnosis at St. Elisabeth Hospital, in Germany who participated in presenting a useful and scientific lecture on the causes of infection with this disease and ways to prevent it, also, how to detect the disease before it will be too late.
The second part of the workshop was attended by the person who is free from this disease, Mrs. Gulala Pshdari, who resides in Amsterdam / the Netherlands, where he shed light on her experience during the disease and how to recover from it, as well as presenting all her activities to help people with this disease and train them to overcome the disease and how to prevent it After that, the opportunity was opened for the invitees to the workshop to present their questions and their questions were answered by both Dr. Shelan and Mrs. Gulala. Everyone benefited and the workshop ended with useful scientific additions to all.
Workshop learning outcomes
At the end of the workshop participants:
1- Giving an idea about breast cancer
2- The most important causes of this disease
3- How to prevent this disease and early detection
4- How to treat and deal with this disease when infected with it
Number of Participants: 30
Location: Pedagogy Hall, Lebanese French University
1- Shirin Jamal Mohammad Rashid, Asst. Let. Head of health and hospital administration department at LFU, Ph.D. candidate, MBA at Salaheddin university-2019, bachelor’s in business administration at Cihan university/Erbil 2014.
2- Dr. Shelan Gader Rashed, Senior Consultant Diagnostic Radiology St. Elisabeth Hospital and Reference center Breast cancer Screening in Leipzig Germany, Medical Degree 1996 University Leipzig, German board of Radiology 2010, Certified Specialist Breast cancer Screening since 2011
3- Gulala Pshdari, Bachelor’s degree in Nursing