Delivering a Community Service to Fenk Educational Compound

The Department of English in College of Education and Languages provided a community service to Fenk Educational Compound

From Monday, October 17, 2022 until Sunday, October 23, 2022, the Department of English held a community activity under the title (English Tenses and Their Daily Use) presented by Assistant Lecturer. Eiram Amjed Khudhr.

High school students studying in Fenk Educational Compound, the Kurdish school students were the purpose of the activity.  On the first day, Asst. Lect. Eiram Amjed concentrated on the English grammar tenses and how to use them in daily English language speaking, she focused on the must used tenses in daily life and how to separate the tenses from each other.

On the second day, the students of the primary school 9th grade in the Arabic school were targeted; she focused on must used tenses in English language, and how to learn the basic conversations of English language using the grammatical rules.

This community service was cooperated with the presence of a group of students from the Arabic and Kurdish schools who need further improvement in ways to study effectively and familiarizing students with language learning tools.

Activity Outcomes 

The followings were the outcomes for the participants 

1- studying and teaching are more about quality than quantity, students need to learn how to study instead of what to study and how much time they spend on studying.

2- Teachers have to know how to be kind a fair at the same time, so that they can create a friendly environment with rules and principles to be followed.

3- Fenk Educational Compound is willing to have a continuous collaboration during the academic year for similar activities.

Place of activity: Fenk Educational Compound

Activity date: 17-23 / 10/2022

Presenter’s Information 

Eiram Amjed Khudhr, joined Lebanese French University September 2021. Teaching Literary subjects in English Department, and the linguistics in General Education, College of Education and Languages. She completed her BA and MA from Salahaddin University in 2015, and 2020 in Applied Linguistics.

Reference: (Official Decree No. S-46 dated 15-10-2022)