The Role of Universities in Preparing Skillful Individuals for Society

On Tuesday, 11/10/2022, Department of Kurdish language held a national workshop under the title “the role of universities in preparing skillful individual in society.” In the first session, Abdulsalam Medeni, general manager at Rwanga, shed light on the importance and role of university in preparing skillful individual for society and then he explained that individuals should be positive all the time and keep trying until they succeed. In the second session, Dr. Baxtyar Talabani talked about the importance of universities and said that lecturers and students should work together and prepare skillful individuals for the society.

Workshop Outcomes

The following points were recommended as solutions for this issue:

  1. Delivering constant seminars to prepare skillful individuals
  2. Guiding lecturers to pay more attention to the education side of their career and to mix it with their majors
  3. Lecturer should give hopes to students and help them be positive about their future and find job opportunity

Presenters’ information

  1. Abdulsalam Medeni, general manager at Rwanga.
  2. Dr. Baxtyar Talabani, lecturer in Sulaimani Polytechnic University
  3. Mr. Muhammed Omar, assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University