In Cooperation with Fenk Educational Compound, The Kurdish Language Department Delivered a Community Service

From Tuesday, October 18, 2022 until Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the Kurdish Language Department held a community activity under the title (Strengthening lessons in the Kurdish language course) presented by the assistant teacher Muhammad Omar Ibrahim.

For students enrolled in the Fink Educational Complex, especially for elementary and middle school students. On the first day, the teacher, Muhammad Omar, focused on the grammar of the Kurdish language for primary school students in the Kurdish school.

On the second day, the students of the preparatory stage in the Arab school were met, and they focused on some important topics in the subject of Kurdish literature and the elements of analyzing the Kurdish literary text.

Place of activity: Fink Educational Complex

Activity date: 18-19 October / 10/2022

Community Service Outcomes:

The following recommendations were made for students who struggle with Arabic:

1- Strengthening the social and service relations between the Kurdish language department by forming their own group to communicate with the Kurdish language teacher to overcome the difficulties they face in studying the Arabic language.

2- Introducing students to the correct way to read and understand the Kurdish language lesson easily.