Understanding the Key elements of the Bologna Process: Regulations and Implementations

A National Workshop on the Key Elements of the Bologna Process
On Sunday, 9 October 2022, the Department of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economics organized a workshop entitled “understanding the key elements of Bologna Process: Regulations and Implementation”. At the beginning of the workshop, Khoanas Qader, the head of College Quality Assurance briefed the objective and learning outcome of the workshop, then Dr.Nabaz Nawzad, the dean of Administration and Economic College talked about the key aspects of the Bologna Process and mainly focused on mobility, learning outcome and student-centered learning. The workshop was engaging and participants had some practical sessions to better understand how students become the center of education and learning. The workshop also provided some guidance and examples of modern teaching approaches that could be used to deliver lectures and engage students in the learning process.
The second part of the workshop mainly covered the general regulations of the Bologna Process issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region and the standards and main themes of the Bologna Process to support faculty members and participants in the implementation of the process.

Workshop learning outcomes
At the end of this workshop, participants:
1- Understood the European qualification framework
2- Understood the general regulations of the Bologna Process issued by the KRG Ministry of Higher Education especially the student’s assessment and ECTS Calculation.
3- Learned how to design student learning outcomes.
4- Practiced 5 modern approaches of teaching to engage students in the learning process.
5- Provided recommendations on the actual implementation of the process including standardization, quality assurance process, and computability of programs with the labor market.

Number of Participants: 20
Location: Seminar Hall, Lebanese French University
Nabaz Nawzad Abdullah is the dean of the College of Administration and Economics. He obtained a master’s and a Ph.D. degree in Public Management at the Universiti Utara Malaysia, a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Kurdistan-Hewler; and he is a certified Pedagogy trainer from the Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland.
Khowanas Qader is a Faculty member of the College of Administration and Economics. He obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting and finance at the Cyprus international university, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at the University of Cihan-Erbil.