The Department Of General Education Conducted A Community Activity

From Sunday, June 26, 2022, till Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the department of General Education in College of Education and Languages conducted a community activity under the title “Basics of English Grammar”. The Lectures were presented in Erbil Youth Center by Ms. Eiram Amjed, faculty member in department of General Education, College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University. The Lecturer has explained in detail the ways of using three types of verbs. Along with the positive, negative and question forms of them. Furthermore, with this community activity the participants had a chance to get a good guide to study on.  

Activity Outcomes 

The following was the outcome for the participants 

  1. The students were familiarized with the basics of English grammar.
  2. They gained a positive attitude to face 12th grade. 

Presenter’s Information 

Eiram Amjed Khudhr, joined Lebanese French University September 2021. Teaching Literary subjects in English Department, and the linguistics in General Education, College of Education and Languages. 

She completed her BA and MA from Salahaddin University in 2015, and 2020 in Applied Linguistics.