Factors affecting International Finance Corporation

  • In order to succeed in business, the key is to understand how different processes, practices, rules, regulations, and institutions affect the way the firm is directed, administered, or controlled. The study attempted to investigate factors influencing international finance corporation at small and medium businesses in Erbil. Accordingly, the researchers used six factors for instance; legal factor, environmental factor, political factor, social factor, technical factor, and economic factor to measure influencing international finance. The researchers employed quantitative research method to examine the current study. The questionnaire was distributed randomly among 130 administrative staffs of small and medium businesses. The participants of the present study were 124 participants from different small and medium businesses in Kurdistan region of Iraq. Many different elements, such as currency exchange rates, inflation rates, and the existence of various cultures and languages, determine how profitable international finance can be for companies. This also means that, on the other hand, international finance could be a nightmare if any of these aspects are not handled properly. This also implies that corporations that find themselves involved in financing such deals have no choice but to engage, they must ensure that it is done efficiently. The study demonstrates multiple regression analysis to investigate six research hypotheses, as for first research hypothesis which stated that legal factor influences international finance corporation at small and medium businesses in Erbil, it was found that the value of Beta was. 606 with significant level of. 000 this indicated …

  • Hassan Mahmood Aziz, Sarhang Sorguli, Pshdar Abdalla Hamza, Bawan Yassin Sabir, Khowanas Saeed Qader, Bayar Ali Ismeal, Govand Anwar, Bayar Gardi
  • Journal of Humanities and Education Development (JHED)
  • 2021/6/23
  • https://theshillonga.com/index.php/jhed/article/view/210
  • https://doi.org/10.22161/jhed.3.3.16