French Language Training Course

     The Faculty of Education and Languages is keen to spread the importance of the language in addition to urging the need to learn a second language in addition to the mother tongue. From this point of view, the college has worked to provide opportunities to learn a second language through Kurdish language training courses for non-speakers of the Kurdish Language and today the College is organizing a training course for non-specialists in the French Language under the patronage of the university president Dr. Muhammad Sadiq Khoshnaw and the dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Shareef Mouloud Shareef.

    The training course was held from the 10th of February till the 10th of March. It was organized for four weeks each week two days for two hours from 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lectures of the course took place in Mr. Suleiman’s Hall in the 6th Building of the Lebanese French University. Each participant was to pay IQD 5,000.

The Training sessions offered an introduction to basic elements of the French Language. These elements were divided into four skills such as conversation, comprehension, phonetics, and a bit of Grammar.

Each skill was delivered in very communicative ways by using brilliant means of teaching that designed by the instructors according to the need of the trainees. The instructors of the course were;

1. Julie Guibreteau

2. Ahmed Ibrahim Razooqi

3. Sarah Kayfi Akram

4. Regine Derrien

The instructors made a tremendous effort to introduce the trainees to the French Language for the first time.