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Research Center

Scientific Research Center

Center for Research and Strategic Studies
Objectives of the Center
The center seeks to achieve a wide range of objectives, the most important of which are:
1. Linking scientific research and strategic studies to university objectives and development plans in the Kurdistan region – Iraq
2. Providing services in the field of research and scientific consultations for government and private parties for a suitable fees
3. To develop a generation of distinguished researchers and train them and encourage them to write authentic researches
4. To strengthen global links and cooperation with local and international institutions and bodies in all activities of the center
5. Activating the intellectual and creative movement through holding seminars, holding conferences, organizing workshops and giving lectures related to the center’s activity with scholars and specialists from around the world and contributing to activities. International conferences and exhibitions that serve the activities of the center.

Center Vision
The center’s vision revolves around several issues, the most important of which are :
1. Converting university to an accredited and important source of scientific and applied disciplines
2. Analyzing facts, presenting futures and presenting them for discussion and criticism
3. Deepening research behavior in the institutions of civil society and the community in general
4. Spreading the values of virtuous morality and sincerity in work and critical thinking, accepting the other and dealing with an independent academic spirit
5. Positive interaction with the phenomena of society that appear from time to time and work for find the best ways to deal with them The center deals with the followings:
1. Propose and define the objectives policies and priorities of public research and strategic studies within the LFU to achieve the objectives of university and society
2. Conduct research, studies, scientific consultations and develop public and time programs to achieve its objectives
3. Prepare, train, and develop the qualified and trained human resources necessary to achieve its objectives
4. Coordination with competent authorities with a relationship within and outside the region aiming at achieving its objectives
5. Participation in the establishment of symposia and research and scientific seminars related to specializations either alone or in partnership with the counterparties within and outside the region

Activities of the Center for this Year 2017 – 2018
1. Developing assistant teachers in the Lebanese French University through the research program prepared by the center for the academic year 2017 – 2018 as follows.
2. After completion of the research program, the center for strategic research and studies will hold a workshop on a mechanism for publication in the international journals, which will last for 3 days and each faculty alone. The workshop will include all the members of the teaching staff at the university and various specialties.
3. Organized a symposium concerning research and strategic studies for the whole university held on 19,20 and 21 June 2018.

Research Program for the Development of Researchers at Lebanese French University 2017-2018
Dear President of the Lebanese French University with due respect,
Under the Title
Scientific Research is the Basis of Universities Progress
As it is well known to your excellency that the development and progress of universities in the world is through several basic pillars on which to build the system of science. It is one of the fundamental pillars upon which its scientific system is based. One of these foundations is scientific research, which represents the driving forces and works in the spirit of all universities, as well as the role played by scientific research in making science knowledge. An organization that is easy to understand and take the advantage of it, and this is also noted in the regional and local circles where the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region also emphasizes this important pillar in the academic community.
From this point of view, the “Center for Research and Strategic Studies” considers the task it has received extremely important, since it is obligatory for it to preserve the achievements of the university, which it achieved in its order in the International Scientific Rank and to develop the members of the teaching staff as well as.

First: Program Objective:
The program aims to achieve the following:
1. Taking the advantage of the scientific experience at the university and from those who are ranked professor and assistant professor.
2. Providing all those who are holding the scientific rank (Assistant Lecturers) a skill in the field of systematic and scientific research.

Second: Duration of the program:
The program begins after obtaining the approval of the University Council on 2/1/2018 and lasts for 3 months, and will be in two stages:
The Theoretical Stage:
It will be through the presentations of the lecturers (professors and assistant professors) lectures concerning the scientific research methodology, starting with the title of the research, its objectives, hypotheses, devices, theories or theoretical background, and ending with the conclusions, recommendations and suggestions, as well as selecting the sources and publishing the research in International or Local Journals. The duration of this phase will be 14 days from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, which will be considered as a research activity for participants in this program.
B. The Practical Stage:
The course will come after the first stage and will last for 75 days. In turn, the center will follow up the training mechanism by the lecturers, who will discuss with the researchers the selection of a modern topic that addresses the current societal problem and how to reach the formulation of the title as well as the research plan (This lasts 7 days). During this period, supervisors submit reports about the work of the researchers.

Third: Program Implementation:
The program will cover all the assistant lecturers in the three colleges with the Information Technology Department. The program will divide the researchers according to their specializations. This is because there should not be systematic contradiction in the theoretical and practical lectures by the lecturers, as well as the program schedule which will be presented to the assistant lecturers and researchers. The appropriate field times for researchers and the availability of halls are required for this as shown in the table below: Number of Researchers and Lecturers in Lebanese French University
College of Law College of Administration & Economics College of Education Department of IT
Lecturers Lecturers Lecturers Lecturers
12 5 7 2
Researchers Researchers Researchers Researchers
12 19 17 4

Fourth: Monitoring and Evaluation:
The Center will provide researchers with the program each month and periodically and through the reports that will be submitted to the vice president of the University for Scientific Affairs, through which it will discuss the merits and dismerits of each faculty and each department separately. Further, the questionnaires will be submitted to the researchers and supervisors during the program.
Fifth. Results:
The Center will hold a joint workshop or a conference on the research carried out at the end of the academic year (May).The Center will submit a final statement to the concerned authorities at the university.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Assist prof: Adnan Fadhil Khaleel
Director General of the Centre
For Research and Strategic Studies,

Uinversity Info.

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