Teeba Ismail Kh.

+964 (750) 8673 754
44001 Erbil, Kurdistan Region

Teeba Ismail Kh.


Computer Engineering


TEEBA ISMAIL KH. B.S. got. Degree in optical electronics from Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq, 2004, and M.S. Degree in Laser and optoelectronics from Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq, 2007. She got Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Salahaldine University, Erbil, Iraq. She is a lecturer at the Lebanese French University Faculty of Engineering, Erbil, Iraq. Her research involves model-based testing and IoT software systems quality assurance.


  • Ph.D. in Computer and Control Engineering / Salaheddin University. Dated 10.03.2022.
  • Msc.in Laser & Optoelectronics engineering Dept./ Alnahrain University. Dated 26.06.2007.
  • Bsc.in Laser & Optoelectronics engineering Dept./ Alnahrain University. Dated 18.09.2004.


  • Model-Based Quality Assessment of Internet of Things Software Applications: A Systematic Mapping Study.
  • A Cloud Computing System Based Laborites’ Learning Universities: Case Study of Bayan University’s Laborites-Erbil.
  • Development of a MSW-fueled sustainable co-generation of hydrogen and electricity plant for a better environment comparing PEM and alkaline electrolyzers.
  • MODEL-Based Performance Quality Assessment for IoT Applications.
  • IAP- Recommender System: Items Selecting Recommender System Using AI- Based Programming (Recommender Dataset).
  • Exploring Gender Diversity in IT and CS Departments within Three Private Universities in Erbil City.


Quality Assurance 80%