Dashty Ismil Jamil

Dashty Ismil Jamil

Head of Department

Department of Marketing 


Dashty Ismil Jamil Has received his MSc in Social Statistics from the University of Southampton in 2013 in the United Kingdom. he has been serving at Lebanese French University since 2014 as a lecturer. He currently serves as Head of the Marketing department. He served as Head of Health administration in 2018 In addition, He served as Lecturer in the Accounting department. he is a member of the council of the College of Administration and Economics.


  • Master., Social statistics, University of Southampton, United Kingdome, 2014
  • Bachelor in Statistics, University of Sallahaddin, Iraq, 2005


  • Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of the Instrument for Assessing Cardiac Patients' Knowledge, Attitude, and Beliefs regarding Heart Attack
  • Construction X-Bar Chart for Quality Control Using of Robust (MAD) Estimator in Under Consideration Is Outlier with An Application
  • Comparison between four Methods to Construction Number of Defectives Control Chart
  • Comparison between two Estimators by Using Process Capability with Application
  • Comparison of Efficiency and Sensitively between (Three Sigma, Six Sigma and Median Absolute Deviation) by using Xbar Control Chart
  • Construction of New Standardized Attribute Control Chart based on defects per million opportunities
  • Construction Three Charts Based on Inter Quartile Range and Comparison of Efficiency with Three Charts Based on Range
  • تكوين لوحة المشاهدات المنفردة للسيطرة النوعية باستخدام معدل أوقات بين الفشل مع التطبيق
  • استخدام تقنية ستة سيغما لتكوين لوحة نسبة الوحدات المعيبة للسيطرة النوعية ومقارنتها مع لوحة نسبة الوحدات المعيبة باستخدام ثلاثة سيغما مع التطبيق


Statistics 90%
Operation Research70%