Cultural Activity: The Cinema Has No Boundary, It is a Ribbon of Dream

On February 22nd, as part of the art and cultural activities at the College of Education and Languages, the Department of English at the Lebanese French University organized a Cinema Club under the supervision of Mrs. Meram Salim, a university lecturer. The club was open to students from various departments. Gailan Maghded and Balen Ababakr, two outstanding students from the English Department, kicked off the first session of the club by delivering an interesting seminar on the history of cinema, the film industry, and the most prominent film production companies. The seminar was followed by a lively discussion in which the audience shared their all-time favorite movies and movie stars.


The Cinema Club aims to provide an introduction to cinema followed by selected movie discussions in subsequent sessions. The club is scheduled to meet twice a month in the Samsung Lab located in building 6 of the University. During the second session, which took place on April 13th, the participants and leaders watched and discussed “The Shawshank Redemption (1994).” The group engaged in a lively discussion about the movie, sharing their thoughts on the plot, characters, and themes explored. This past viewing allowed for a more in-depth analysis of the movie, with participants able to provide specific examples from the film to support their ideas.