An international workshop “The role of universities in technology transformation”

The department of business administration in college of administration and economics recently conducted an international workshop on the role of universities in technology transformation, which was held on Tuesday 28th March 2023. in the begeninig of the workhop the dean of the college Asst. Prof. Dr. Nabaz Nawzad intruduced the repected presenters and also mentioned the objectives and the learning outcomes of the workshop, In the first session of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Marouf from lebanese french university presented his part by focusing on the role of education that the universities are responsible for educating the next generation of technologists, engineers, and scientists. Through degree programs, certificates, and other forms of education, universities provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in technology-related fields.

The second session of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Zamel from the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology presented his part by focusing on the universities that are critical players in technology transformation. They provide the research, and talent that drive innovation and progress, making them an essential part of the technology ecosystem., generally the workshop highlighted the importance of universities in conducting research and developing new technologies, as well as training the next generation of tech professionals. It also emphasized the need for collaboration between universities, industry, and government to facilitate the integration of new technologies into society. Overally, the workshop was a valuable opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and gain insights into the critical role that universities play in technology transformation.

Number of participants: 43

About Presenters: 

  • Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Marouf, Proffesor of Economics, Business Administration Department, college of Administration and Economics, Lebanese French University.
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed Moahmmed Zamel, Professor of Cost and Managerial Accounting in Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-Just).