French Department Organized a Tennis Tournament for the College Staff

On Monday, November 29 and 30, 2022, the department of French Language organized a tennis tournament/competition for 8 teaching and administrative staff of the college of Education and languages as part of the university sports activities. The activity took place in Tennis ground on the campus, where all faculty members and administrative staff attended. Following the stiff competition between players, (Ahmed Ibrahim) from French Language Department is declared a winner after defeating (Mohammed Omer) from the Kurdish Language department by scoring 20 to 15 points/goals in the first row. At the end of the tournament, the dean of college awarded the winners.

1st place: Ahmed Ibrahim (Assistant Lecturer, Department of French Language, Lebanese French University)
2nd place: Mohammed Omer (Assistant Lecturer, Department of Kurdish Language, Lebanese French University)

Place of Activity: Tennis ground of the university
Date of Activity: November 29 and 30, 2022