Sport Activity: Bowling Tournament

On Sunday, November 21, 2022, the department of English had organized a Bowling sport activity competition for 10teaching and administrative staff as part of the university sports activities by (Asst. Lect. Eiram Amjed). The sport activity was set at the level of college of Education and languages. The part takers were from English department, General Education, Kurdish language, Arabic language and Translation, and French Department. The activity took place in Tablo Mall, 2nd floor/Game Center that participants of the teaching and administrative staff attended. After getting engaged in 10 rounds of competition between players divided into two groups, the winner of each group had taken another round and the participant (Mohamad Omar) has been declared as the winner of the Bowling competition scoring 90 against 81. 


1st place: Mohammad Omar (Kurdish Language Department/ Lebanese French University) 

2nd place: Meram Salim (English Department/ Lebanese French University)

Place of Activity: Tablo Mall/ 2nd Floor

Date of Activity: Sunday, 21st of November/ 3:30 pm