The Unity of Literature and Life, with examples from some Kurdish and French Poets

On Tuesday, 17/11/2022, Department of Kurdish language held a national workshop under the title “The Unity of literature and life, with some examples of some Kurdish and French poets.” In the first session, assistant lecturer Mohammed Omar shed light on the role of literature on life and its effect on humans’ psychology. He then gave some examples of classic poms with explanation of their perspective about life. In the second session, assistant lecturer Julie Guibreteau in French department talked about French literature and what was its effect on Kurdish literature.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. Literature is a powerful part in every human’s life and it directly touches their lives.
  2. French literature has effect on Kurdish literature and the effect still continues

Presenters’ information

  1. Mr. Muhammed Omar, assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University
  2. Julie Guibreteau, assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University