Supporting Students’ Mental Health

On Sunday, November 20, 2022, the Department of General Education held the national workshop entitled “Supporting students’ mental Health.” The workshop’s first session was presented by Mrs. Meram Salim, asst. lecturer in English department in the College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University. Mrs. Meram, at the beginning of the workshop, addressed the general idea of mental health and the factors that contribute to Mental Health issues. Besides, some simple activities to improve mental health were illustrated. In the second session, Mrs. Laveen Kamaran, asst.lecturer in college of General Education at Lebanese French university ,  provided vital information on how colleges today are supporting students’ mental health. Mrs. Laveen concentrated on how different universities increased awareness regarding students’ mental illness issues and provided full support for their college students. 

Workshop Outcome

The following recommendation was given to support student’s mental health:

  1. Universities should provide panel discussions and students’ testimonials regarding mental health issues. 
  2. Universities should provide trainings about mental health for the coming freshmen.
  3. Mental health should be a part of students’ curriculum.

Presenter/s Information

  1. Mrs. Laveen Kamaran, Asst. lecturer in the college of Education and languages at Lebanese French University 
  2. Ms. Meram Salim, asst. lecturer in the college of Education and Languages  at University Lebanese French university.