ICT for learning and education

The Department of Business Administration & the department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Administration and Economics conducted a Training Programme on “ICT Tools” from the 13th of September 2022 till the 13th of October 2022, for four weeks focusing every week on a different aspect of the tools needed for teaching and learning.

The following were the brief outcome of the Training Programme:

The training aimed at familiarizing the academic staff with the e-platforms for learning such as Moodle and University Management System (UMS) as well as the platforms where teaching staff is required to be members in such as Linkedin, Google Scholar, and ORCID.
The training course was carried out in a way all the academic members were directly participating and the issues they faced during the practice were discussed and solved.

Number of Partcipants: 25

Presenters Information

Mrs. Rizhin Nuree Othman, Majored in Computer Engineering, at the Department of Business Administration, and Lebanese French University.

Mr. Khowanas Qader, Assistant Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Department, Lebanese French University.