Alternative penalties

  • One of the most crucial elements of a country to maintain harmony and order in society is (alternative sanctions) by the criminal law in a defined time and place.

    There is no doubt when government exploits in practicing law for facing criminal phenomenon, some human rights are being violated. Maintaining norms and public benefit to face exploitation of practicing law by government has made criminal politics to stand against government to protect human rights. That is why criminal law is about to lose its value as an instrument to deter people to commit crime, also it loses its value to become a part of modern criminal politics, meanwhile researchers and attorneys are in a process to find a gap in this ciaos through scientific research's that embodies a replacement for criminal sentencing in general and imprisoning and capturing in specific. As a result, it becomes a compensation for the loses in fair and judiciary way that leads to minimizing or controlling criminals in society.

  • Adiba Muhammad Salh
  • Qalaai Zanist Journal
  • 30/03/2022