Deceit, Family, and Justice in Ibsen’s Ghosts

  • Abstract
    The aim of this article is to focus on Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, Ghosts. I would say
    that Henrik Ibsen is one of the most powerful authors of the modern drama and his
    plays are the most interesting and incredible ones as far as the modern drama is
    concerned. But the important question is what the play can show us about
    contemporary individuals, morality, and social reality. This article has variety answers
    to this question and many other questions about the play. I try to consider the major
    themes which are related with the intrinsic elements of the play and tackle them
    through a discussion of the general aspects of the era. The major themes that the play
    deals with are Lies and deceit, family, and justice. I think it is plain and clear that we
    cannot dissociate any of the themes from the majority of the plays written throughout
    the history of drama.

  • Ahmed Azeez Mohammed
  • International Journal of Media Culture and Literature
  • 10/12/2017