Relationship between participatory decision making and job satisfaction: a case study of private sector organizations in kurdistan-lfu

  • The research examines relationships between Participation in Decision Making (PDM) and job satisfaction among educational staff in the private organization sector in the Kurdistan region - Lebanese French University (LFU). This research was shown a Behavioral positive method the study. The study approved a quantitative survey research design. The area of the study includes all management members stuff of the LFU private university in the Kurdistan region. the arranged survey questionnaire was organized and distributed to all respondents which is a members of the organization. The study includes two main variables that are job satisfaction which was the dependent variable and PDM, which was the independent variable. Moreover, a four-point scale was used to collect data, and analysis was based on frequency, bivariate correlation, coefficient, and linear regression. A strong relationship was found between PDM and job satisfaction in the context of decision making in their organization with the correlation rate of consultation (r=.616**), problem-solving and engagement (r=.736**), informative decision (r=.815**) and job satisfaction (r=>1**) which is the dependent variable. According to the study level of satisfaction of the workers increase in participatory decision making.

  • Hazhar Omer Mohammed
  • Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences
  • 25/06/2019