An improved migration scheme to achieve the optimal service time for the active jobs in 5G cloud environment

  • Among the emerging technologies, cloud computing plays a vital role in the current business world. Through its various deployment models ā€˜nā€™ number of vendors of the IT industry utilizes cloud computing to achieve their business deals. Though the usage of cloud increases day by day, there are some major challenges in the cloud computing such as load balancing issues, device utilization and energy optimization. In this paper, load balancing issues are addressed through the proposed Server Distinction based on the Corresponding Active Weights of the Jobs (SDCAW) algorithm. The proposed algorithm concentrates on the live migration of the active jobs among the virtual machines in the cloud environment. The algorithm itself contains an instruction queue where the active jobs are stored and scheduled based on the procedure. Many existing systems concentrated only on migration of non-active jobs in the cloud environment. The proposed algorithm has been compared with the existing systems and produces optimal solution for the cloud environment by minimizing the makespan of the environment.

  • Saravana Balaji B
  • Computer Communications
  • 20/06/2020