The Impact of the Training Program on Charismatic Leadership, Strength of Attendance, and Flexible thinking in Developing Educational Skills

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the Department of Arabic Language and Translation at the College of Education and Languages ​​held, an international workshop entitled “The impact of the training program on charismatic leadership, strength of attendance, and flexible thinking in developing educational skills”

The first session of the workshop was presented by Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami Nasser teaching in the Department of Arabic Language and Translation at the Lebanese French University. She talked about the importance of the workshop in terms of its general relationship with the personality whether it is the personality of the student or the teacher in building their own charisma.

In the second session, Dr. Najma bint Saeed, a certified media and trainer in the Sultanate of Oman, presented ideas about the concept of charisma and the characteristics of a leader or a successful leader in their work and their practical and scientific life. In addition to defining personal abilities and their relationships to education.

In the third session, Mr. Yahya Al Qasimi a quality specialist, education and trainer in administrative quality، From the Sultanate of Oman presented ideas about flexible thinking and the skills that qualify the trainee to acquire problem-solving skills and their relationship to the foundations of education.

The workshop was attended by more than 32 people from the college, university and online, appreciating the workshop and the ideas presented in it.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. Emphasizing the importance of building personality from a young age in order to find a successful leader in his practical and scientific life
  2. Flexible thinking is the style of a successful personality at work
  3. – The success of education depends on building a successful personality with successful leadership

Presenter(s) information

  1. Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami Nasser – PhD in Arabic Language from Al-Mustansiriya University – Iraq, she currently holds the position of Head of the Arabic Language and Translation Department at the Lebanese French University
  2. Dr. Najma bint Saeed bin Khamis Clinical – Ph.D. Media (Certified Trainer – Sultanate of Oman)
  3. Mr. Yahya Al Qasimi – Master of Business Administration – Specialist in Quality and Training Courses – Sultanate of Oman.

Reference: (Official decree no. ED&L 164 on February 3 2022)