Life at the Time of Hopelessness

On Wednesday, May 11 2022, Kurdish Department in College of Education and Languages in collaboration with the Department of Health Administration in College of Administration and Economics conducted a national workshop entitled (Life at the Time of Hopelessness). In the first session of the workshop, Assis. Lect. Mohammed Qolmarfi gave the opening speech, explained the importance of such workshops to raise students’ awareness, and discussed how humans should avoid falling into the hopelessness zone and no matter what they should overcome the down times. In the first session of the workshop, Assis. Lect. Shirin Jamal Mohammed discussed the points that will make humans happy. In the end, the attendees raised questions and had a discussion session with the presenters.

Outcomes of the workshop

1. humans should never feel hopeless and create hope for themselves.

2. because humans are interrelated, they must think of life on the basis of humanity

Presenters’ Information

  1. Muhammad Qolmarfi, MA holder in Kurdish literature. Currently, he is teaching in Kurdish Department, Lebanese French University.
  2. Shirin Jamal Mohammed, MA holder in Administration. Currently, she is teaching in Department of Health Administration, Lebanese French University.

Reference: (Official decree no. ED&L 178 on 11 April 2022).