Phonological and Grammatical Similarities between English and Kurdish language: Why English Learning is Easier for Kurdish

  • Language is a medium used to communicate reciprocally. At this contemporary living, it is a must that any literate has to learn more than one language so as to be able to communicate with people beyond boundaries. English is a widely used language in terms of communication between countries, cultures, races and different lingual people. It is therefore inevitable that people learn and practice it. While learning English Language people need to differentiate between learning it as a Foreign Language and learning it as a Second Language. In Kurdistan, English language is learnt as a Foreign Language. Even though English is learnt as a foreign language by Kurdish learners, they learn quickly and easily due to the existence of similarities between the two languages phonologically, syntactically, grammatically and asymmetrically. This study sets out theoretically to analyze the similarities between the two languages ie, English and Kurdish and also identify the reason for the quick learning of the English Language by the Kurdish learners.

  • Robinson Paulmony*, Shivan Mawlood Hussein
  • Universal Journal of Educational Research
  • 20/11/2019