Cultural Activity: Gallery of Posters and Cultural Handicrafts Made by Students

As part of the series of cultural activities of the Lebanese French University, the Department of Arabic Language and Translation in the College of Education and Languages organized a cultural exhibition for students in the department.

The activity was held on April 25, where the handicrafts made by the students of the fourth stage were displayed, and the posters made by the third stage students were displayed. The exhibition was held in the building of the Faculty of Education and Languages ​​on the second floor.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the President of the University with the deans of the faculties, university professors and a group of students of the Faculty of Education and Languages ​​and other university faculties. The activity was useful for the students in terms of the importance of the posters and the ideas presented in them, as well as encouraging students to practice their hobbies such as handicrafts and other hobbies.

Place of Activity :Faculty of Education and Languages ​​building, second floor

Date of Activity: Monday 25-4-2022

Reference: (Official Decree no. ED&L 170 on 21 April 2022)