The Effect of Administrative Leadership on Achieving Business Success Strategies (The Case of Lebanese French University)

  • This study aims to investigate the effect of administrative leadership that its dimension encompass of (administration creativity, the ability to make decisions, and organizational culture) on achieving business success strategies that its dimension encompass of (continuous innovations, horizontal regulation, and effective implementation) based on the perspectives of academic staffs at Lebanese French university in Iraqi Kurdistan Erbil city. The objective of this study is to give an explanation about the variables of the study, administrative leadership, and business success strategies and examine the effect of administrative leadership on achieving business success strategies. A survey questionnaire prepared in order to collect primary data from study sample. 50 questionnaires distributed directly by the researchers in order to explain the aim of this study to the respondents. This study found that administrative leadership effects on business strategies success. A set of recommendation presented based on the outcomes of this study, in order to improve the role of administrative leadership on business strategies success.

  • Hazhar Omer Mohammed
  • International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
  • 01/02/2020