Digital-IIoTs spheres approach toward public development: an exploiting fuzzy-grey mathematical modeling of IIoTs spheres

  • In the present era, executives are shifting keenly toward industrial Internet of things (IIoTs) spheres. It is observed that IIoTs spheres become a key for each industry to grow up and bear the largest entrepreneurship opportunities globally and is linked to improve the shifting sphere of publics (SSPs). The core objective of research work is SSPs, which is nexus on secondary objectives. The authors proposed the two DSSs ( decision support systems) to full fill secondary objectives as discussing: In case of first objective, the authors proposed a fuzzy-DSS, which assists the executives to identify the weak and poor performing IIoTs spheres so that performance of IIoTs spheres can be accelerated. In case of second objective, grey-DSS aids the same executives to evaluate and benchmark alternative partner under considered IIoTs spheres so that the best partner can be chosen by company 4.0.

    The authors conducted the significant systematic literature review and realistic empirical survey in the context of industry IIoTs spheres and extract the appropriate IIoTs spheres. Next, the authors built a framework by compiling the global standardized IIoTs spheres. The framework is utilized to build the two DSSs such as fuzzy- and grey-DSS (to full fill secondary objectives). The both DSSs are simulated by acting on a case study. The authors implemented the fuzzy set coupled with degree of similarity approach on proposing framework as a part of first case-objective and hybrid technique accompanied with grey set on same framework as a part of second case-objective, respectively.

    A South African automobile parts manufacturing company is investigated as a case study company 4.0 for the prototype testing and simulation of DSSs. The performance gaps are computed and measured by subtracting each sphere's weight of functional units (FUs) from evaluated ideal weight. The weak performing spheres and FUs are suggested to be improved in future as a part of first objective. Next, A3 parts supplier/partner is advised as the best alternative by simulating the grey-DSS under IIoTs framework as a part of second case-objective. Both secondary objectives (two DSSs) are framed to attain the core objective (SSPs).

    As discussed, the core objective of research work is to attain the SSPs, linked to secondary objectives. The research work integrates the knowledge and thinking of SSPs as well as IIoTs researchers to create the novel mathematical and statistical IIoTs in focusing on advance SSPs networks. The research work is momentous for entire Industry 4.0 companies, which troubles to bear more entrepreneurship opportunities (improving the SSPs) at global standard.

  • Da Kang, M Prabhu, Ramyar Rzgar Ahmed, Zhuo Zhang, Atul Kumar Sahu
  • Grey Systems: Theory and Application
  • 28/02/2022