Factors affecting Foreign Policy

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the Department of Diplomacy and International relations held the national workshop entitled “Factors affecting Foreign Politics” The workshop’s first session was presented by Lecturer. Tahseen wso, Lecturer of Law and International relations College at Lebanese French University. Mr. Tahseen, at the beginning of the workshop, talked about the importance of Factors that affecting foreign politics both through soft and hard powers. In the second session, Lect. Ahmed Babakr highlighted the factors that have an interest in foreign policy, especially the role and role of the economic factor in the state’s position on the level of international relations. Later, a full discussion was held by the participants of the workshop, and questions and answers were exchanged.

Workshop Outcome

  1. Vital information was given to attendees during the workshop
  2. Analyze the Factors affecting Foreign Politics
  3. Emphasizing of the importance determining factors that affecting foreign policy in order to achieve international aims

Presenter/s Information

  1. Lect. Ahmed Babakr, Lecturer of Law and International relations College
  2. Lect. Tahseen Wso Lecturer of Law and International relations College.