National Workshop titled “Cybersecurity Awareness”

The college of engineering and Computer Science/Department of Information Technology conducted a national workshop titled “Cybersecurity Awareness” on February 14, 2022, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Assistant lecturer Farah Qasim Ahmed presented the workshop. The workshop gave an overview of the numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitalized and interconnected world come with a price: Cyberattacks have become a serious threat – affecting our real-life and not only just data anymore. Comprehensive security mechanisms and a security-oriented mindset throughout the entire organization are essential to avert and control this risk.
There were 17 participants at this workshop most of them from the college of engineering and Computer Science.

Workshop Outcome:

The audience understood how to protect their data and what is the difference between real and fake data.


Lebanese French University , Building 3, Cisco Lab.

Presenter Information:

Farah Qasim Ahmed Al-Yousuf is an assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University in the department of information technology / Kurdistan Region – Erbil – Iraq. PhD candidate in Information Technology – School of Computing (SOC) – Awang Had Salleh Graduate School (AHSGS) – Universiti Utara Malaysia / Sintok – Kedah – Malaysia since January 2019.

کۆلێژی ئەندازیاری و زانستی کۆمپیوتەر – بەشی تەکنەلۆژیای زانیاری وؤرکشۆپێکی سازدا لە ژێر ناوونیشانی (Cybersecurity Awareness) لە رێکەوتی ١٤/٢/٢٠٢٢ لە کاتژمێر ١٢،٣٠ی دوای نیوەڕۆ تا ٢،٣٠ی دوای نیوەڕۆ کە لەلایەن مامۆستای یاریدەدەر فرح قاسم پێشکەشکرا. لەم وۆرکشۆپەدا، ناساندنێک پێشکەشکرا دەربارەی سوودە زۆرەکانی کانی جیهانی دیجیتاڵکراو و پێکەوەبەستراوەی ئەمڕۆ لە کاتێکدا کە هێرشی سایبەر و ئەلیکترۆنی بووەتە هەڕەشەیەکی مەترسیدار – کە تەنیا کاریگەری لەسەر داتاکانمان نابێت بەڵکو کاریگەری لەسەر ژیانی راستەقینەمان هەیە .لەم وۆڕکشۆپەدا 17مۆستا باشداربوون کە زۆربەیان مامۆستای کۆلێژی ئەندازیاری و زانستی کۆمپیوتەر بوون.