Departement fo Law held a training course entitled “Legal Terminologies in Legal Workplace in English”

On 18/1/2022, January 31, 2022, the Department of Law held the training session entitled “Legal Terminologies in Legal Workplace in English” All the six training session during 7 days was presented by the lecturer. Leyla Musa, the lecturer at the college of law and international. In the first 4 hours session of the training, Leyla talked about the basics of General English and how lecturers at universities or employees at an organization can speak in English well.

In the second session, Leyla addressed speaking, which is vital for a person to talk in English.

In the third session, Leyla held training related to listening and addressing the tips for the audience in order to listen. In the fourth session of the training was about using English in daily life, and how to talk English every day. In the fifth and sixth, the discussion session was started among attendees.

Workshop Outcome the audiences:

1/ Attendees obtained information regarding learning a new language

2/ the presenter addressed the importance of talking English in the daily life

Presenter/s Information

Leyla Musa lecturer at the College of law and international relations