The Impact of Culture and its elements on Society

On January 25, 2022, the Department of Sociology held a national workshop entitled “The Impact of Culture and its elements Society,” The workshop’s first session was presented by Suzan Sabri head of the sociology department. at the beginning of the workshop, she talked about the importance of the topic. in the second session Jabar Qadr, lecturer at the college of law and international relations, was concerning the impact of culture on society and its inter-relation with religion. During the workshop, the speaker argues that culture and religion still play an important role in the lives of individuals in society. Then, he continues by pointing out that religion and culture also adapt to each other in many historical stages which is clearly visible in some societies. Last but not least, he tried to link this theme to Kurdish society. His main conclusion was that religion and culture have not been able yet to dominate each other. Finally, the professors and the attendees presented a number of questions and comments regarding the importance of the topic.

Workshop Outcome

1/ Vital information was given to attendees during the workshop

2/ Analyze the Impact of culture and its elements on Society

Presenter/s Information

1/ Suzan Sabri, Head of the department of sociology at the Lebanese French Univeristy

2/ Jabar Qadir, Lecturer at the college of law and international relations