The Department of Marketing Management Conducted a National Level Workshop

News (National Workshop)

On Wednesday, December 21, 2021, the Department of Marketing Administration held the National Workshop entitled “The Role of Company in the Society.” The workshop’s first session was presented by Dr. Sohail Khan, Assistant Professor of Administration and Economics College at Lebanese French University. Dr. Sohail was the first speaker in the workshop wherein he explained the role of Companies in society and their responsibility to serve the community. He has also discussed the CSR activities that need to be taken by the companies. In the second session, Mr. Karim Kawa, Head Department of Marketing Administration, College of Administration and Economics, Lebanese French University talked about the rules on private companies in KRG and how can the government take the fiscally and morale benefits in the companies. Both the speakers have well talked about their topics and the listeners have gained a lot of knowledge from them. At the end of the workshop, they addressed the questions from the participants.

Workshop Outcome

The following was the brief outcome of the national workshop:

  1. The need for CSR by the companies and how it is going to impact the society
  2.  Role of Companies in the Society
  3. Rules to be followed by KRG Companies to financially support the government and make maximum benefit of it.

Presenter/s Information

  1. Dr. Sohail Khan holds PhD. in Business Administration at RTM Nagpur University, India. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in, the Department of Business Administration of the College of Administration and Economics at Lebanese French University.
  2. Mr. Karim Kawa holds a master’s degree from India and presently he is the Head Department of Marketing Administration of the College of Administration and Economics at Lebanese French University.
  3. Mr. Aso Kurdo Ahmed, Ms.c in Business Administration at Swees Chanal, Egypt, The director of quality insurance of the college of Administration and Economics, Lecturer in the Health Department.