National Workshop “Insight on Blockchain Technology and its Applications”

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., the college of engineering and Computer Science/Department of Information Technology conducted a national workshop titled “Insight on Blockchain Technology and its Applications.” The workshop’s presenter was Assistant Professor Dr. Saravana Balaji B, and participants discovered well about the basic environment for blockchain implementation as well as an overview of the applications that use blockchain technology and the various research opportunities available in blockchain development.
There were 15 trainees in attendance, the most of them were faculty members from the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • To understand what Blockchain is and why it is used.
  • To be able to explain the different components involved within Blockchain 
  • To know when and why you may want to use Blockchain within your environment 
  • To master at a high level what cryptocurrency is


Lebanese French University , Building 3, Cisco Lab.

Presenter Information:

  • Saravana Balaji B

He is currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Lebanese French University, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. He has 16 years of teaching and research experience. His research interests are cloud computing, machine learning, and computer networks. He has been acted as a resource person for various workshops and faculty development programs organized by various institutions. He completed his undergraduate, postgraduate engineering degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and earned a Ph.D. degree in Information and Communication Engineering. So for he has published more than 50 research articles in various reputed international SCI & Scopus indexed journals, conferences, and 3 patents.

رۆژی یەکشەممە رێکەوتی ٢٨ی نۆڤێمبەری ٢٠٢١، بەشی تەکنەلۆژیای زانیاری- لە کۆلێژی ئەندازیاری و زانستی کۆمپیوتەری زانکۆی لوبنانی فەڕەنسی هەستا بە ئەنجامدانی وۆرکشۆپێکی ناوخۆیی لە ژێر ناونیشانی ” تێڕوانین لەسەر تەکنەلۆجیای بلۆکچەین و بەرنامەکانی – Insight on Blockchain Technology and its Applications ” کە کاتژمێر ١٢ی دوای نیوەڕۆ دەستی پێکرد تا کاتژمێر ٢.٣٠ی دوای نیوەڕۆ بەردەوام بوو. ئەم ۆوڕکشۆپە لەلایەن پڕۆفیسۆر د. ساڤارانا بەلاجی پێشکەش کرا. پێشکەشکار کورتەیەک دەربارەی بلۆکچەین و دواتر زانیاری زیاتر دەربارەی سەرهەڵدان و پێشکەوتنی بلۆکچەین پێشکەش بە بەشداربووان کرد لەگەڵ دوایین بەرنامەو تەکنەلۆژیاکان کە تەکنەلۆژیای بلۆکچەین بەکار دێنن. جگە لە ئالنگارییەکان کە بەربەستن لە بەکارهێنان و پێشکەوتنی بلۆکچەین.
.مامۆستایانی کۆلێژی ئەندازایاری و زانستی کۆمپیوتەر کە ژمارەیان 15 مامۆستا بوو، بەشداریان کرد لەم ۆوڕکشۆپەدا.