The Department of Business Administration arranged a training course for faculty members.

From Wednesday, November 3, 2021, till Thursday, November 18, 2021, the Department of Business Administration held the national training program entitled “Training Course on Statistical Software (SPSS) for Faculties”. The training was conducted by Dr. M. Prabhu, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Administration and Economics College at Lebanese French University. Dr. Prabhu has covered topics of Data entry into SPSS, Coding of Data, Reliability tests, Chi-square test, Correlation Regression, T-Test, Anova, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis etc for the faculties. These 15 days Training Programs was full of knowledge related to research.

Training Outcome

The following were the outcome of the training sessions:

  1. Live experience of data handling.
  2. Selection of Appropriate statistical tools depending on the research questions
  3. Faculties were equipped with the advanced level of understanding of appropriate statistical methods
  4. Participants understand to deal with multi-level data sets and ways of extracting information related.
  5. To address the issue of data sets belonging to parametric and non-parametric nature by meeting all of its assumptions and constraints

Presenter/s Information

Dr. M. Prabhu, holds PhD in Operations Management at Pondicherry University. Currently he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration, College of Administration and Economics at Lebanese French University.