The History of Kurdish Language Alphabet; National Workshop of Kurdish Department

Under the patronage of the President of the Lebanese French University Dr.Mohammad Sadik and the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Languages Dr. Shareef Moulud, the Department of Kurdish Language conducted a National Workshop with reference to the official decree No. ED&L322 issued by the deanship of the College of Education and Languages on the date 10/2/2021. The workshop took place on Tuesday, 9-3-2021 at Mr. Suleman’s Hall and was Delivered by Assistant Professor Dr.Abdullah Yassin Ali, the lecturer in the department of Kurdish Language. The Workshop was under the title of ” The History of Kurdish Language Alphabet”

The workshop dealt with the history of the Kurdish Language Alphabet. The subject matter was very interesting for both speakers and Non_Speaker of the Kurdish language. The workshop was attended by all faculty members of the College of Education and Languages from various departments and majors. The attendees actively corresponded to the topics highlighted in the session through the raised questions asked to the presenter. They were20 lecturer.

لەژێرچاودێری سەرۆکی زانکۆی لوبنانى فەرەنسی دکتۆر محەمەد صديق و ڕاگری كۆلێژى پەروەردە و زمان و بەشی زمانی کوردی هەڵسا بەئەنجامدانی وۆرکشۆپێک لە ڕؤژی سێشەممە بەرواری٣/3/ 2021 پرۆفیسۆری یاریدەدەر دکتۆر عەبدوڵڵا یاسین  مامۆستا لە بەشی زمانی کوردی ، پێشكەش كرا . وۆرکشۆپه که به ناونیشانی (ميژووى داناني ئه لف و بى بۆ زمانى كوردى” وۆرکشۆپه که به مێژووی ئه لف و بێی زمانی کوردی ده ستى پێكرد, بابەتەکەبابەتێکی سەرنجڕاکێش بوو . مامۆستايان لەهەموو بەشەكانى کۆلێژی پەروه رده و زمان .ئامادەبوون، کەژمارەیان 20 کەس بوون.