The teaching practice program is one of the highly important programs in the agenda of the Department of General Education in the Faculty of Education and Languages where the students of the fourth level are trained theoretically to be a skillful teacher in the future by making them equipped with the knowledge of General Methods of Teaching and specific Methods of Teaching English since the students are specialized in English. The theoretical part of teaching takes place in the first course the accompanied by field visits of the whole fourth level to schools in Erbil to introduce the students to the actual teaching Field. In the second course, the Department distributes each student to the fourth level in different schools in Erbil governance after getting an official acceptance letter from the school that the student has been sent in to be under practice. After a week of being implemented in the practice, the Department of General Education arranges visits by the College Lectures to visit each student during his practice in the teaching field in the school to evaluate his Teaching. The whole practice in the schools lasts for 45 days. Later on, each school will evaluate the department student and send the evaluation to the department. Fulfilling the objectives of this program, the Assistant Lecturer in the Department of General Education, Mrs. Maryam Mowafaq visited Aziz Shwan primary School on the 25th of February to evaluate the teaching performance of the student under practice Bahashit Mohammed. Mrs. Maryam thanked the school for their cooperation with the department and their warm welcome for guests from The College of Education and Languages to the school.