International workshop for Celebrating the Mother Tongue International Day

A critical reading of Kurdish language policy in the Kurdistan region and the ability of Kurdish language. International Workshop.

Under the patronage of the President of the Lebanese French University Dr.Mohammad Sadik and the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Languages Dr. Shareef Moulud, the Department of Kurdish Language conducted an International Workshop with reference to the official decree No.182 ED&L issued by the Deanship of College of Education and Languages on 19-11-2020.

The workshop was conducted on Sunday, 21-2-2021, The Lebanese French University, warmly received the international guest from Iran State, Assistant Professor Bakhtiar Sajadi to to celebrate the Mother tongue international day by presenting the international workshop entitled
“A critical reading of Kurdish language policy in Kurdistan region and the ability of Kurdish language”

The workshop was presented by the assistant Lecture in the department of Kurdish Language at Lebanese French University Mr. Mohammed Omar. and Dr. Bakhtiar Sajadi . They talked about the Kurdish language and the problems facing Kurdish Journals to be with high impact factors internationally. The workshop was attended by a lot of important figures as well as the Lecturers from various departments, colleges, and majors, and they corresponded to the topics highlighted in the session through the raised questions asked to the guest. They were 45

لە ژێرچاودێرى سەرؤكى زانكؤى لوبنانى فەرەنسی دكتؤر محمد صديق کۆلێژی بەروەردەو زمان و بەشى زمانى كوردى لەڕؤژی زمانى دايك هەڵسا بە ئەنجامدانى وؤڕکشؤپێک بؤ بەڕێزان( د.بەختيار سەججادى) مامؤستاى زانكؤ لەزانكؤى سنە لەوڵاتى ئێرانئ وە مامۆستا محمد عمر لە کۆلێژی پەروەردەو زمان بەناونيشانى (سياسەتى زمانى لە هەرێمی كوردستان) لە بەروارى 21/2/2021 شايەنى باسە لەم وؤڕكشؤپەدا ژمارەیەکی بەرچاو لەمامؤستاو قوتابيان ئامادەى بوون، هەروەها .لەم وؤڕكشؤپەدا تەكيد لەبەستاندار بوونى زمانى كوردى كرایەوەئامادەبوون، کەژمارەیان 45 کەس  دەبوو

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