we are proud of our Alumni “Zahara Bahjat Sadik.

Under the patronage of the Honourable Dean Dr. Shareef Mouloud Shareef, the General Education Department celebrated the invitation of the talented graduate from the Department of General Education for the year 2020-2019 to hold its first art exhibition in support of the college for its outstanding talent and maintaining the principles of education in establishing the pillars of communication between the graduate and the university.

له ژير چاوديرى (دكتور شريف)به ريوه به رى كوليژى په روه رده و زمان يه كه مين پيشانگاى هونه رى بؤ قوتابى ده رچووى سالى ٢٠١٩-٢٠٢٠ به ريوه چوو كه ئه مه ش يه كيكه له بنه ماكانى په روه رده و پالپشتيكردنه بؤ قوتابيانى ده رچووى سالانى پيشوو بؤ به هيز كردنى په يوه ندييه كانى نيوان قوتابى و زانكو.

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