National Kurdish Department Workshop

Under the patronage of the Presidency of the Lebanese French University, Dr.Mohammad Sidek and the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Languages Dr. Shareef Moulud, the Department of Kurdish Language conducted a National Workshop with reference to the official decree No. ED&L 5 issued by the Deanship of the College of Education and Languages on the date 7-9-2020. The Lebanese French University, warmly received the Ph.D. student Nali Abdullah from University of Russia, on Wednesday, 7-10-2020, to present a workshop entitled ” پەشێوو ئیمپڕاتۆریەتی شێعری نوێی کوردی میوا. The workshop was conducted by Mohammad Omer. The workshop was attended by a lot of Lecturers from various departments, colleges, and majors, and they corresponded to the topics highlighted in the session through the raised questions asked to the guest.

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