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Directorate of Admissions and registration is considered as the artery of Lebanese French University. It is also regarded as a main division of its multiple divisions. It is a link that connects the university with the students. It provides appropriate services and guidance for them starting from the admission and university entry and through their registration of all academic years till their graduations from the university.
The directorate organizes registration between two stages “admission and graduation” which are invisible to students. It also coordinates and follows up supervision as well as guidance, plans and reports. Added to these, it implements all decisions and instructions concerning the admissions and registration. All these are in the light of the overall objectives of the university and its association with the requirements towards the community development.
The directorate does its utmost efforts to apply and implement the instructions and regulations that issued by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region/Iraq. Besides its being keen about supervising and guiding all issues of students.
On the basis of the noble letter of the Lebanese French University for serving the Iraqi society in general and the Kurdistan in particular, the directorate feels pride in all that offer to male and female students with directions and guidance believing in achieving this noble letter and then promoting the scientific and academic reality of the university.


Younis Talaat Dabagh
Director of Admissions and Registration Directorate

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 The directorate of Admissions and Registration at the Lebanese French University is concerned with the organizational awareness of students and an increase in their ability to communicate scientifically and including raising levels of educational, cultural and civilization to the highest levels which take place in prestigious universities of the world.



 The directorate plans in its programs and activities to make scientific technologies transformation in all missions compiling related information, storing, loading and displaying and in all related areas of its daily activities as well as administrative and technical concerns.
In this respect, our directors are working to facilitate measures to ensure providing economic, social, cultural (governmental and non-governmental sectors) with smarter disciplines.


 In an environment full of best will and desire to achieve its goals, the directorate of Admissions and Registration is endeavoring to serve the scientific and educational career in Kurdistan Region through upbringing the students in a prestigious way to enable them serving their region. Thus, the goals can be summarized as follows:
1) Taking care of the students who want to submit to LFU.
2) Running the policies of Admission and Registration effectively.
3) Providing the students who want to submit with correct and documented information about the university and its scientific departments.
4) Deepening the relationships with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as other ministries of Kurdistan Region.
5) Developing means of Admissions, Registration and graduation as well as using the best techniques for the process of research and teaching.
6) Answering all the questions of the applicants which deal with the directorate with due respect.
7) Taking care of the students and those who are disabled.
8) Adherence to and compliance with all laws, regulations, systems and urging all to take the instructions into consideration respectfully.
9) Improving the bonds of link between the university students and society as well as increasing the feeling of responsibility and belonging to Kurdistan.


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