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Admissions and Registration Directorate

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Organizational Structure
►The Organizational chart of the Admissions and Registration at the Lebanese French University consists of three divisions. They can be represented by the following diagram.
First: Admission Division:

This division is responsible for organizing and admitting students. It has an effective role in following them since their submission of their documents and getting admission till their graduation from the university. It achieves all its duties quickly and efficiently. Those duties are:
1) Preparing a plan of admissions for the university according to what the ministry and the university council decide.
2) Distributing the forms of admissions at the university to all who want to join it.
3) Contacting different social organizations to let them be familiarized with the university.
4) Scrutinizing the studentsí admissions according to the instructions.
5) Making a file for every student for keeping all the documents and exam results.
6) Preparing statistical information about the students.
7) Helping and guiding the students during the application process and admissions.

Second: Registration Division:
It aims at achieving excellence and enhancing academic work through the consolidated university ID and the system of data base. It is in the peopleís vital role in the directorate to carry out the functions and duties of the following:
1) Saving electronic files of those students who were admitted.
2) Organizing the cases and issues related to the transference from one college to another, from one department to another as well as the branches in accordance with the regulations and instructions received from the ministry.
3) Activating the e-mail for the directorate whereby the instructions will be sent and received from/to the competent authorities in order to be achieved.
4) Organizing special correspondence concerning the studentsí affairs with the state institutions.
5) Preparing a statistical report regarding the number of the students in the colleges and departments of both morning and evening classes.
6) Taking part in preparing the university calendar.
7) Issuing special orders regarding the studentsí absence of warning and then failure.
8) Issuing special orders in regard to the studentsí failure because of violating the percentages of absence.
9) Providing students with support letters confirming their attendance regularly.
10) Setting the archive for incoming and out-going letters.
11) Issuing special orders concerning studentsí discipline, especially, their absence and cheating.
Third: Documents and Certificates Division:
It is concerned with supervising and following up the graduation of students after confirmation of an end to the curriculum and it is doing the ratification of all documents and graduation mural certificates, for all the graduation of departments and faculties of the university. As for the tasks that this division carries out are the following:
1) Preparing reports and a statistical account relating to graduates.
2) Completing the graduation documents with models which cannot be defrauded.
3) Preparing the data for outstanding graduate students and providing stakeholders with.
4) Preparing the graduation guide at the end of the academic year.
5) Supervising the printing of documents and certificates.
6) Participating in preparation for the graduation ceremony in terms of providing a statistical account and other services concerning the directorate task.
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