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Asst. Lect.: Younis Talat Al-Dabbagh
Director of Admissions and Registration


Dear Students,
We are at the Directorate of Admissions and Registration accompanying you in your journey to seek science and knowledge at the Lebanese French University starting by your submission, admission and ending with providing you with a certificate of graduation as well as mural certificate. We realize the importance of the students role in serving the process of development and evolution as well as the process in our beloved Kurdistan. These take place in various fields and sectors. The purpose behind that is to reinforce this prestigious place in the society and to attempt raising its performance through scientific rehabilitation.
Since we represent the vital nerve at the university, we undertake the responsibility for achieving excellent service to help you drawing the features of your future life. This can be achieved by providing you with scientific and practical information as well as adequate data about Lebanese French University and its scientific specializations. It also achieves the admission requirements and means of submission and registration by harnessing new technologies for that to achieve the goals of the university and its qualitative and quantitative progress.
Dont hesitate to contact us via e-mails, the registration office phones, Facebook or by visiting our university. Actually, we are working seriously and we insist on achieving our vision and goals under the title:
Accuracy and Excellence in Achieving our Goals and Duties
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