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Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2017

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Author (s): Houshyar Darbandi - Lebanese French University - Erbil
Fairoz Amin - Lebanese French University - Erbil
Abstract: The overall purpose of this paper is to find out the state and knowledge of sustainable tourism in Erbil and how tourism industry with Erbil can protect environment, meets the local people’s needs and improve their socio-culture.  The principle of Sustainable development works for planning and management, in fact tourism industry involves the functions of organizing, coordinating, training, monitoring and evaluating at all levels generating of economic profit for local people, minimization of negative tourism impact, preservation of natural resources and culture in tourism destinations.  The research of this study has been conducted in Erbil and data about sustainable development has been collected by interviewing two managers within tourism authority, one manager of the preserving and developing environment in Erbil and an assistant professor lecturer of law and environment.  The findings of the research in line with the objectives provides the lack of planning and management of the local government to which that have negative impact on the sustainable development in Erbil. The validity and reliability of the research has been outlined and many vital solutions have been drawn up along with the problems with the sustainable development with Erbil. The findings of this research were demonstrate the poor management with government’s policy with tourism management in terms of having clear employment policy with local people, tourism cultural activity and poor management of the improving environment in Erbil. The conclusion and recommendation of this research has been highlighted and challenges with improving environments, lack with government decisions in tourism planning including lack in qualified people with strategic tourism managements have been underlined.
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