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Planning and Statistics Directorate

Planning and Statistics Directorate was established in 2013, to be responsible for collecting information, prepare the annual statistical report and develop the strategic plan according to the academic developments in the university.

Sarah Y. Yousif
of Planning and Statistical Directorate



Lebanese French University looks forward to achieving a high and well established position among the universities of Kurdistan Region , Iraq , and the whole globe in order to be one of the most important sources of education and scientific research. It aspires to be internationally recognized since it is keen on enabling and supporting its strategic plans.


The main mission is to enabling and supporting its core functions of Teaching and Learning, Research and Research Training as well as Consultancy, Business Engagement and Community Service.


Objectives of Planning and Statistical Directorate are of two types : general and specific . They can be summarized as follows:


General Objectives
The basic general objectives is developing University’s strategic plan for its core functions of the following:
  - Teaching and Learning.
  - Research and Research Training.
  - Consultancy.
  - Business Engagement and Community Service.

  Specific Objectives
LFU aims to achieve the following specific objectives:
(1) Enabling and supporting Staff and Students Plans (Human Resources Plan and Leadership and Management Plan).
(2) Enabling and supporting Physical facilities and information Resources Plan.
(3) Enabling and supporting Financial Resources Plan.
(4) Prepare the different statistical fro variety academic and scientific purposes.
 Important Files
Enabling and Supporting Plans
LFU Strategic Plan B
LFU Strategic Plan C
Annual Statistical Report
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