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Khadija Mohammad Abdoullah
Asst. Lecturer , MSc
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  English Language

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I have a master in English Language teaching from the University of Tehran Payame-Noor University. Currently I am a lecturer at Lebanese French University. I taught intensive English courses to students of varied ages In Iran and Kurdistan in English Centers.


My emphasis in teaching is on learning. My teaching goal is to facilitate learning (helping students learn) and I believe that teaching plays a major role in that. Learning is primarily the student's responsibility, whereas teaching is my responsibility. My emphasis is on helping the student to learn, rather than just dispensing my knowledge to them. I am there to “light their candle," not just "fill their bucket.” I believe that effective teaching is comprised of two necessary and related elements: knowledge of the content and ability to communicate it. Knowing the material is not enough to be effective in teaching it; likewise, communication skills won't work alone. Thus, I take care to understand the concepts I expect to cover and to make them understandable to the students. I organize my presentations with the student's learning in mind and keep my knowledge up to date. I also emphasize the importance of communication by using humor and a variety in teaching techniques to make learning enjoyable so as to motivate the students to learn.


1- The effect of two different pre-reading activities on guessing the meaning of unknown words by Iranian EFL learners
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