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Seminar entitled ' ییۆۆی ۆەێی: ە ۆ یەییەی' by . ێ ەە ە ەەی
April 3 , 2017

On April 3rd 2017, Department of General Education at College of Education and Language held a seminar entitled "ییۆۆی ۆەێی: ە ۆ یەییەی " that deliver by . ێ ەە ە ەەی .

LFU president (Dr. Mohammed Sadik), Chair of university board of trustees (Mr. Talat Yahya Bajger), Vice President for Scientific Affairs (Dr. Rozhan Dizayee), Vic-President for Students and Administrative Affairs (Dr. Omer Hamadamin Nuradeni), many head of departments, college faculty members and students were attend this seminar.

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