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Kurdistan Flag Day
December 18 , 2016

On December 18th , celebration of flag Day , many student activities were held in addition to a photo exhibition.


The main characteristic of the flag is the blazing golden sun emblem (Roj in Kurdish) at its center. The emblem's sun disk has 21 rays, equal in size and shape, with the single odd ray at top and the two even rays on the bottom. Number 21 is a venerated number, standing for rebirth/renaissance in the ancient and native Kurdish religion of Yazdanism and its modern offshoots.
The symbolism of the colors is:
Colour Meaning
Red Symbolizes the blood of the martyrs and the continued struggle for freedom and dignity.
Green Expresses the beauty and landscapes of Kurdistan. Life and vitality.
Yellow Represents the source of life and light of the people. The sun is an ancient symbol and twenty one sunbeams represent March 21, Newroz.
White Represent peace and equality.

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