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Seminar titled 'Charismatic Personality in the Tourism Guidance' by Ibrahim Burhan Taher
NOV , 2016

On Sunday November the 13th 2016, and during a Tourism Guidance-related topic presented by the Instructor Miss Fairuz, a seminar was held by (Ibrahim Burhan Taher), a second year student in the Tourism Department at the University, and the seminar was under the title [Charismatic Personality in the Tourism Guidance] in Tourism Hall at 5:30 P.M. and below is the essential aspects that discussed in the Seminar:
- What is Charisma?
- Does Charisma comes to existence with human’s birth, or it is something that can be developed and built where everyone can enjoy a charismatic personality?
- To whom Charisma is important?
- What are the advantages of Charismatic Personality in the Tourism Guidance?
- What are the categories of Charismatic Personality?
- 10 key secrets for any person who desires to be a charismatic person in his\her field of expertise.








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